The Linux ate my homework

I grew up on Windows. I never questioned it. It was just THERE. I am not a technical person, and I don’t really care about what operating system is driving my computer. Or so I thought.

But: I don’t like the idea of being vulnerable. I like the idea of being in control, even if I never use this control.
It is much easier to hand over control voluntarily, than to never having any control to give up.

And I like choice. For a long time, I thought that switching from Windows to Linux would mean that I had to relinquish some things. But that is not true. OK, I will not be able to use Excel in the future; and I am not sure if I can do what I do for a living (managing non-profit organisations) without Excel. But I am not doing that right now, so I don’t need Excel. What else would I relinquish? Viruses? Yes! Patch Days? Yes! One size fits it all? Yes!

But, on the other hand, what do I gain! A great concept of security. The ability to change what I want to change (even so, mind you, I will hardly ever use that ability. But having the choice is all that I want). And, most importantly – I will continue to use my computer as I want to use it. Just without the hassle. And without paying for a product that I don’t really care about.

Disclaimer: I am not an ideologist. I just signed up for Google Apps again, because I love Google Apps. I installed Linux Mint, even so it comes with tons of proprietary codecs and drivers. I will, without hesitation, use Wine if ever I feel the need for any Windows software. I think bottom line of this post is that switching from Windows to Linux is not a huge undertaking, not a statement. It is easy, fun, reasonable and it takes my own slogan (Default:Open) to the next level.

Happy switching.

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  1. Gratulations for your new blog! And thanks for sharing this. What’s the last paragraph about? Why did you write that disclaimer? Whom for? And who are ideologists if not people whose slogan is „Default:Open“? 😉

    • Of course, you are right, this is not really a disclaimer. But you now what they say, that proselytes tend to be the strictest beliefers? So I wanted to point out that I am not converting into one of these hardcore Linux evangelists, who use no proprietary software whatsoever.

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